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Dry red chilli is a condiment that adds pungency and colour to the food. It has certain medicinal and homeopathic properties. We offer red chillies in a uniform shape and size. It is used mostly to temper dishes. The chillies have a sharp flavour. It has antibiotic properties and also acts as a pain killer. It provides relief from lung disease.

We export 273 Wrinkle Chilli with to the markets of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Turkey, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, Bangladesh, Burma, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, United Arabian Emirates, Israel, Bahrain, Georgia, Honduras, Portugal, Sweden, Tunisia, Taiwan, South Africa, Romania, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Bahrain etc

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We supply the following dry red chilli varieties
  • S4- sannam red chilli
  • S17 -teja red chilli
  • 273- semi wrinkled red chilli
  • Byadgi- fully wrinkled red chilli
  • Guntur -sannam red chilli
  • 341- long red chilli
  • Ramnad mundu
Name / Type of Chilli Description ASTA color value Capsaicin
Bird’s eye chilli(dhani) Blood red in color, highly pungent 41.7 0.59%
Byadagi(kaddi) Red color, less pungency or without pungency 156.9 Negligible
Ellachipur sannam-S4 type Reddish in color and very hot 70.4 0.20%
Guntur sannam-S4 type Skin thick,hot and red 32.1 0.23%
Hindpur-S7 Red in color,hot and highly pungent 33 0.24%
Jwala Highly pungent, light red in color, short and the seeds are pungent 0.40%
Kanthari (white) Short and ivory white in color with high pungency 2.96 0.50%
Kashmiri Chilli Long, fleshy, deep red in color 54.1 0.33%
Madhya Pradesh G.T.sannam Red in color and pungent
Madras Pari Pure red in color and hot 73.82 0.21%
Nagpur Red in color and pungent
Nalchetti Red in color and extremely pungent 77.03 0.12%
Ramnad Yellowish 32.95 0.17%
Mundu Red and hot
Sangli sannam-S4type Light red in color and hot 73.55 0.22%
Sattur-S4 Red in color, pungent with thick skin 59.1 0.24%
S9 Mundu Tomato red in color with fairly good pungency
Tadapally-big long Red in color, less pungent, thick skin 80.3 0.11%
Tomato chilli(Warangal chappatta) Deep red and les pungent 125.26 0.17%
Specifications of Ground Red Chillies / Red Chilli Powder
Bright Red color
10% Max
Shu (ASTA Method)
20,000 – 90,000
Color (ASTA Method)
40 – 160
Extraneous Matter
1% Max
Damaged & Discolored
4% Max
Loose Seeds
4% Max
Specifications of Red Chilli
Product Name
Red chilli
2013(New Crop)
Below 12%
9 to 11 Cms (without stem)
Pungency (Heat)
15000 SHU to 20000 SHU
80 ASTA – 100 ASTA
Capsaicin content
Drying Process
Shelf life

Physical appearance
S 273 is Semi wrinkle, long size, dark red in color & less seeds.
Supply ability

5000 metric tons / month
Packing Weight
4.00 Kgs / 4.50 Kgs / 5.00 Kgs / 10.00 Kgs / 15.00 Kgs / 25.00 Kgs / 35.00 Kgs or as per buyer’s requirement
Delivery terms

New Jute Gunny Bags

Delivery terms

Prompt Delivery

Payment terms

T/T or L/C at Sight

Minimum order quantity

14 Metric tons ( 1 x 40 FT Container)

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